Magnetic Posture Corrector Belt

 This Magnetic  Posture Corrector Belt  is made of high-quality OK cloth and SBR material through careful processing and design. It is lightweight, soft, breathable and comfortable.
2 According to the human body structure design, flatten the shoulders, stand tall and straight.
3 Helps improve breathing, relax muscles and straighten neck, spine and your head.
4 Lightweight and breathable, it can be used close to the body, effectively solving the hunchback, bending over, sitting not straight.
5 Bad posture can be corrected by changing the walking sit bad posture, becomes good habits, supporting the maintenance of normal physiological curve of the spine to protect the spine.
6 The back brace has strong nylon clasp which can be adjusted and stick firmly to ensure the whole back keep straight.
7 It\'s comfortable to wear not only to beautify your chest but also to relieve spinal, neck and back pain, especially hunched back.
Effect: Bone Care
Item Type: Braces & Supports